Doggy Dak Toys is an evaluator of quality dog toys and merchandise.

Doggy Dak Toys has been testing dog toys for over seven years. After continually searching the Internet for a site that recommended quality and long lasting dog toys, I decided to start my own website on it. The dog toys you will find here are not entirely "dog proof," but in most instances last long enough make you feel like you got your money's worth from them.  

In addition to the toys that I will write about with a review, I will also write about various other dog merchandise that might be of interest to all dogs lovers like yourself. 

I encourage you to check back often.  I have a wide range of knowledge on our canine family members that I so excitably want to share!

Please send an email with any questions, comments, or suggestions to the email logo below. You can also follow us on Twitter, Google+ and Tsu (membership required).






               Carolina and Dakota on a walk            

                                November, 2014